Century Carpet began its activity in the area of supplying machine-made carpets by Mr.Imane Asrari in 1999. This start of business activity was simultaneous with formation of a development in machin-made carpet industry.
In 2005, with the idea of brand-making in mind and having a strong belief in teambuilding, fllowing the investigations and research conducted in this area, Mr. Asrari make "Century Carpet" a brand, and thanks to this succcessful work team, Century Carpet began its manufacturing activity as well. Now, the group has a carpet manufacturing machine-made factory equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery with a production of 100,000 sq.m per month.
By opening a separate workshop equipped with 55 vertical looms, the group began its activity in the field of hand-woven carpet production, too.
Under auspices of the Almighty, the company intends to expand its activity by exporting its hand-woven carpet to other countries, an aim which will be achieved very soon.